The Bravest DVD Series - All 10 Discs Included
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The title refers to those who belong to one of the most dangerous and terrifying jobs in contemporary society: firefighters. Week in and week out, firemen and firewomen must face down and conquer roaring flames, capable of incinerating human bodies in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the men and women must also handle routine rescue operations, such as freeing bodies trapped in brutal car wrecks and in other unfavorable locations. This documentary series canvasses virtually every aspect of the modern firefighter's life and career, from routine preparations, to the utilization of cutting edge technology to put out flames, to the "down" moments that they regularly spend with one another at the local firehouse. This sprawling box set contains all 44 episodes of the series. Installments include: GROCERY STORE FIRE, FOUR STORY FIRE, EARLY MORNING BLAZE, PRISON FIRE and more.
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The Bravest DVD Series - All 10 Discs Included

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